About Us

There’s nothing quite like the comforts of your own home. There’s no faking or mimicking or recreating the feeling of being somewhere you belong. You’re burdening no one, you’re safe from all outside forces, and you can create without judgement.

Though a Hotel gives you a temporary place to sleep, it lacks what makes a place a home. Knowing this, it tries to distract you from its short comings with fancy accommodations and services, but if you look through the facade you’ll quickly see it falls short. The tap water is gross, the shampoo dries out your hair, the toilet paper is course, and you have no idea when the comforter was last washed. Regardless of your gripes, it cannot live up to the peace you can only find at home.

Transparent Hotel is rooted in authenticity. Instead of masking where we fall short, hiding our behaviors, or withholding information we seek to portray truth through fashion and menswear. We strive to display radical transparency whenever possible in an effort to educate our consumers and lessen the imbalance of information.The products are rooted in strong designs, thought out ideas, expert craftsmanship and high quality material selection. If they weren’t, we’d let you know.