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Patrick Suedeze Shirt, Hedera

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The Patrick Suedeze Shirt is a heavier weight faux suede button down with pearl snap buttons. It's an ideal piece for the fall or a nice summer night. The fabric is incredible, and it feels as good as it looks. Its super soft and has that effect where if you rub it in the opposite direction it shows a different color, which I always have fun with. The weight of the material gives a subdued weighted blanket/calming effect but somehow isn't warmer than a normal shirt. I also designed it with some big 2" hems on the sleeves and bottom opening to add some unneeded additional weight and structure. Best part about this shirt is it's machine washable and easy to steam, so no need to stress yourself out trying to keep it clean. Finding this fabric was truly a godsend.

Actor Patrick Swayze had zero influence on the design of the The Patrick Suedeze shirt. In fact, the two share nothing in common other than the fact that Swayze was named sexiest man alive in 1991 by People magazine, and People are saying the Suedeze is the sexiest shirt alive in 2022.

The inspo for this piece goes all the way back to July 2020, when my GF ordered a size XXS faux suede shirt from Aritzia. The piece was nearly immaculate, other than the fact that it fit like a men’s XL. I have no idea what the good people at Aritzia were thinking when sizing this piece, but thankfully for me it was bought on close-out sale and fit me great. Definitely the first and last time I got a hand me down from someone who’s 5’2.

The fabric was extremely unique for a button down and had a great weight to it. Calling it “faux” anything felt like an insult to its soft hand feel and appearance. So I went and found a similar material with a bunch of color options and settled on this smooth mossy/olive-ish color. It’s hard to describe, but it’s gorgeous in hand and on body. I applied my fit and cut, added 2 front pocket, and put on some pearl snap buttons. The result is an extremely unique and classy garment.

If we’re talking in generalizations I’d say the shirt is slightly oversized, but pictures speak louder than words, so I brought in a bunch of people with different builds, skin tones and styles and asked them to wear each size. I’m hoping this will help you envision how the shirt will look on you and which size you should go with to get your desired look. This is a concept I plan on continuing for every product forever, because I’d rather give you this instead of “The model is 6’10, 120 pounds and wears a Large”.


Price and Manufacturing Breakdown:

The shirt was manufactured in China. This same factory makes clothes for Palace and Only NY. They're absolute pros and have been a pleasure to work with. We went through 3 rounds of samples to perfect all of the details, which cost $412 all said and done.

The bulk order was for 104 units at $30 each ($3110 total) plus $726 shipping and $1033 tariffs. This is my first time running into tariffs and they're absolutely crippling.

The photoshoot was $75 per style.

All said and done I’m in for $5356, or $51 a unit. My pricing is set up for wholesale, so the mark up has to be at a place where both the retailer and I can make money. I'm hoping to figure out how to lower shipping and import fees, and when I'm able to I'll pass the savings along to you, boy scouts promise.

As always, if you have any questions about the designing or manufacturing processes, my line is always open.

Not doing hand delivery because it is a pain in the ass but if you know you’re going to see me soon and don’t want to pay for shipping just text me.