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Waxed Canvas 5-Panel Hat, Midnight Cove

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This hat is a gorgeous 13 oz. Very Dark Navy waxed canvas 5-panel with a leather strap back. Picture the color of a Yankees hat but with more class and character. Please note the shade of Navy is quite dark and varies a bit given different lighting/amount of wear. In many scenarios in appears nearly black, but in natural light the beautiful shade of Navy prevails. Additionally, the more worn in it gets the more blue shows through. Regardless of the situation, you’re always left with a classy lid that will pair well with any outfit.

I’ve worn this hat everyday for months in the various colors and it’s honestly a dream come true. I essentially mashed up of all of my favorite hats and put them into a waxed canvas body. The result is an absolute monster. Not only does the wax provide a beautiful aesthetic, it also helps the hat hold its shape and prevents most stains and sweat marks. For a shit show like me, that’s truly a blessing. As an added bonus, if the hat does get messed up at all, you can re-set the wax with a heat gun or hair drier to remove any wrinkles, creases, or signs of wear. If you’re wondering how to do this, there's a video on my Instagram. It’s incredibly easy and extremely satisfying.

Price and Manufacturing Breakdown:

The hat was manufactured in China. US manufacturers struggled to source waxed canvas and the cost would’ve been about $14 a unit higher, so I went overseas.

I did not sample this one since I trust the factory to do it right at this point. I just picked the color from a swatch card and hit go. Everything about it is the same as prior hats just a new color. Saved $80ish verse last round. Nice.

The bulk order was 100 units at $7.00 a unit ($700 total) plus $312.50 shipping. Cost per unit was much better this round because I ordered 100 units per color instead of 50, and shipped the Espresso, Shade, Midnight Cove and Dusty Martini all together. Is it a borderline insane move doing 100 units per color this early? For sure. But the pricing was enticing enough and I am excited to hopefully have inventory available for longer than a few hours.

After fees I’m all in for $1,042.50, or ~$10.43 a unit. This is a $6 per unit improvement from the first batch, and a $4.50 improvement from the second which rules. Since I doubt I'll ever be shipping 300 hats at the same time again, I imagine this is about as good as it's gunna get. I'll enjoy it while it lasts. Only additional costs are shipping materials and all of the assorted mistakes I'm destined to make. I'll get it together eventually. I’m keeping the price at $45 plus ship because I genuinely think they’re worth that and I want to enjoy the fruits of my improved margins. All your favorite brands make hats for significantly less than $10.43 a unit thanks to larger order quantities, stronger negotiating power and massive shipping discounts. Then they still turn around and sell you a normal wool or cotton hat for $60. And these ain’t normal. So therefore, you’re welcome.

As always, if you have any questions about the designing or manufacturing processes, my line is always open.

Not doing hand delivery because it is a pain in the ass but if you know you’re going to see me soon and don’t want to pay for shipping just text me.