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Reception T-Shirt, Chalk/Cove

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The Reception T-Shirt is quite possibly the most overly designed plain white T man has ever seen. It features a bunch of unnecessary yet welcomed construction features to ensure it looks as perfect on the 1000th wear as it does on the first. The fabric is super thick and heavy, yet soft and cozy. Weighing in at 320GSM, it's the heaviest jersey cotton I've ever heard of on a T-Shirt by a considerable margin (most brand's heavy weight T's are around 220-260GSM). There's cover stitches on the collar, side seams and arm holes to ensure the seams sit flat and sturdy (nobody does this). To top it off, the sleeve and bottom hems are 2" thick (try to find another T-shirt with 2" hems). Add in the Navy embroidered word mark logo on the chest and you've got yourself a bulletproof year round staple.

Figuring out the fit, fabric and construction of the perfect T-Shirt was the first apparel "assignment" I gave myself. I wanted to manufacture a T-shirt that my friends who don't care about clothes would put on and be like "Ok, I get it now". I studied my closet, looking at all of my favorite T's and noting what about each differentiated them. I took a bunch of measurements, made spread sheets, shopped fabrics, and even made a pattern. I sewed up the first sample at work on March 6th, 2020. I left for NYC the next day and never entered the sample room again lol. In an Instagram post on that day, I said I'd been working on said shirt for nearly a year, so math suggests this shirt took nearly 3.5 years to perfect. Having an inventory of the Reception T-Shirt in it's absolutely-perfect-exactly-how-I'd-envisioned-it-final-form is truly surreal.

If we’re talking in generalizations I’d say the shirt is slightly oversized, but pictures speak louder than words, so I brought in a bunch of people with different builds, skin tones and styles and asked them to wear each size. I’m hoping this will help you envision how the shirt will look on you and which size you should go with to get your desired look. This is a concept I plan on continuing for every product forever, because I’d rather give you this instead of “The model is 6’10, 120 pounds and wears a Large”.


Price and Manufacturing Breakdown:

The shirt was manufactured in China. This same factory makes clothes for Palace and Only NY. They're absolute pros and have been a pleasure to work with. We went through 3 rounds of samples to perfect all of the details, which cost $374 all said and done.

The bulk order was for 102 units at $20 each ($2016 total) plus $726 shipping and $550 tariffs. This is my first time running into tariffs and they're absolutely crippling.

The photoshoot was $75 per style.

All said and done I’m in for $3741, or $37 a unit. The pricing on this shirt is not set up for wholesale. I absolutely despise a $100+ T-shirt, but now creating an extremely nice t-shirt for myself I understand how brands end up charging ridiculous prices. If I sold this to a retailer, I'd lose money, so these are a site exclusive for the foreseeable future because I'm not tryna raise the price. Hopefully I'll be able to manufacture super nice T-Shirts for cheaper in the future, and when I'm able to I'll pass on the savings to you, Boy Scouts promise.

As always, if you have any questions about the designing or manufacturing processes, my line is always open.

Not doing hand delivery because it is a pain in the ass but if you know you’re going to see me soon and don’t want to pay for shipping just text me.