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Stanley Hoodie In Cabernet

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The Stanley Hoodie in Cabernet is a perfect physical representation of my obsession with detail. I studied four of my favorite hoodies, took my favorite elements from each and churned out what I truly believe is the best blank hoodie on earth. To tie it all together, I contacted my close friend and brilliant cartoonist Luke McCambley (@theorangerunner) to draw up a scene in his signature style. We ended up with this kinda eerie looking haunted feeling Kubrick-esqueeze hotel facade for the front logo and an abandoned ball room for the back. The quality on the screen print is top notch, which pairs well with the rest of the piece.

The hoodie itself is a super heavy weight loopback terry cotton (420GSM) with ribbed panels on either side under the armpits. The sleeve and side ribbing is attached in a really satisfying way, where you essentially use the ribbing as a seam finish. Look at the pictures because it's hard to explain in words, but essentially the ribbing covers the raw edge of the body fabric and then is stitched on with a 4-needle cover stitch. This allows all of the fabrics to lay flat against each other, which in turn makes for a really beautiful seam that sits comfortably on your skin. A bunch of other body fabric to body fabric seams are like this as well, like the shoulders, sleeves and front pocket. This leaves a raw edge under the seam which provides a lot of visual interest and depth for a cool vintage look. The hood is a very simple construction and single layered, meaning it's lightweight and won't bunch up behind your neck while you're chilling on the couch. Even with the added comfort, it still drapes in a really nice way on body.

The fit is pretty standard hoodie sizing, but maybe a touch more cropped. Check out the measurement chart on the last slide. XS and 2XL are not in the same sizing scale, XS is extra cropped and 2XL is a true 2XL. Not cropped, extra oversized. As always, pictures speak louder than words, so I brought in a bunch of people with different builds, skin tones and styles and asked them to wear each size. I’m hoping this will help you envision how the hoodie will look on you and which size you should go with to get your desired look. This is a concept I plan on continuing for every product forever, because I’d rather give you this instead of “The model is 6’10, 120 pounds and wears a Large”.

Cost and Manufacturing Breakdown

The hoodie was manufactured in China. This same factory makes clothes for Palace and Only NY. They're absolute pros and have been a pleasure to work with.

Cost was a monster on this one. Hard to get an exact number because the shipping for samples was often part of a larger sample order, but I'm going to try to estimate. Artwork for $300 (thanks for the homie rate Luke), samples were $700 minimum between artwork set up, multiple sample rounds and shipping, bulk was $41.50 per unit, 69 units (nice) for a total of $2866. Shipping was $1122 (these shits are heavy!) and duties were $718. After wire fees and photography you can throw another $500 on there. Total is $6,206, which is over $90 a unit. Pretty confident I'm just not gunna make money on these lol. Running a business is sick.

As always, bang my line with any questions. Thanks for the support.