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The Directors Hat

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The Directors Hat is the perfect shaped black trucker hat with a silver embroidered logo. I found this blank a few years ago and loved it, so instead of trying to do better I figured why not go with it.  

I like to explain Transparent Hotel products as vintage travel, leisure and entertainment inspired. My mental image is of finely dressed business men at the airport bar, posh moms with their kids by the pool, or couples dancing in a grand ball room. If someone were to create this movie from my brain, these are the hats the cast and crew would be wearing.

The logo is inspired by a metal stamped sign with a sort of western font. I’m not much of a graphic designer but I’m pumped with how this turned out. The embroidery was done by Mike McLaughlin of @manresamfg fame, a good friend and an extremely talent designer. The blanks are Yupoong Classics.

Pricing and Manufacturing:

The blanks were like $5 or so, somehow I can’t find the receipt. Embroidery including set up was $200. I ordered 36 hats, all together they cost around $11 each. After defects and giving a few away there’s like 30 going up for sale. Selling them for $35 which feels more than reasonable for me. Can probably find a way to do make this hat cheaper in the future but it’s nice to work with friends.