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Transparent Hotel Diner Mugs

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A brilliant and thick porcelain mug for all of your hot liquid drinking or ice cream eating needs (eating ice cream out of a mug is a big brain move). The front features a script word mark and the back features a hand drawn hotel by the brilliant Andrew Hermida. I’m hot ass at taking product shots so I struggled to get the camera to focus on the drawing, but I promise in person the image is clear as day.

The base mug is the same one used at Tim’s Shipwreck Diner in downtown Northport. As a kid I would beg my family to take me there for lunch so I could order grilled cheese or chicken fingers. On the rare special cold day when I was allowed to order hot chocolate, it always came out in one of these perfect heavy nuclear reactor shaped mugs with whipped cream stacked over the top. They still use these mugs today, and Shipwreck is still a staple for our family and our community.

Luckily for me someone stole a mug and it ended up in our pantry. Conveniently the company who makes them lists their name and phone number on the bottom of each mug lol. These are made by Westford China, a US based company that manufactures in China. Their minimum order is 72 units, and after shipping each unit comes out to $8.55. Using Highsnobiety’s “12 Mugs for the Steeziest of Coffee Lovers” as a reference, $20 each seems like a reasonable price. It’s a good ass mug, we’ve had our Shipwreck mug forever and the print hasn’t faded at all.